I am honoured to have been selected as a Pro Artist for Dermacalm UK.

I use Dermacalm Rescue Mist throughout my treatments and provide the ‘no touch’ aftercare spray to all my clients.

The results we are achieving are amazing, no inflammation or soreness and much better retention when healed.



Soothing, purifying and repairing miracle mist that defends against daily damage, naturally transforms the health of your skin.



The Rescue Mist ‘no touch’ aftercare spray is beneficial for any skin type to protect from environmental damage, but it’s especially useful for inflammatory skin conditions. The active ingredients soothe and repair the skin, preventing redness, irritation, scabbing and the temptation to itch.

It’s especially useful in the following sensitive skin and any inflammatory skin condition such as:

  • Acne,
  • Eczema,
  • Rosacea ,
  • Psoriases
  • Atopic Dermatitis.



Applying Rescue Mist to the skin activates an immune boost that helps the skin take itself back to its natural health of the skin and beautiful state.

Works through makeup, and is 100% natural, does not contain Petroleum based substances, Parabens, Sulphate or Aldehyde, scientifically backed and clinically proven without being tested on animals.

The convenient spray bottle (fine mist) means that there are no fingers involved in the application, minimising risk of infection.

The Dermacalm Rescue Mist formula creates a breathable barrier, preventing biofilm buildup, speeding up the healing process.

Its non-greasy formula is absorbed quickly and can even be used on top of make up throughout the day!

As a non-toxic brand, it is focused on truly healing the skin without interfering with the skin’s own healing power.

Dermacalm Rescue Mist formula not only accelerates  the healing process of their PMU treatments, but also improved their client’s overall skin condition.

But really, no matter your skin condition, the properties of the mist improve your overall skin health and enhances its natural radiance!




“Absolutely love this aftercare spray!! No touch, quicker healing, easy to use and perfect size for my PMU clients’ aftercare. Great price too! Highly recommend it!”

Shelly B


This spray, is just what the PMU world needed. My clients have given me nothing but positive feedback, and we’re seeing great healed results! With such beneficial active ingredients, it’s the perfect healing remedy.

Sophie D


“This is the perfect aftercare for all permanent make up especially eyeliner being such a delicate area to tattoo this is a hands feee method to look after your PMU! Hands down best aftercare ever”

Gemma B