Michelle Louise is a multi-award-winning permanent makeup artist. Trained by the UK’s leading practitioners, her dedication and passion for the profession are unparalleled. Michelle is also a pro-artist for DermaCalm and Ink of Coco.


Michelle is a highly qualified technician, with certificates of excellence, in all aspects of permanent makeup including micro-blading, combination brows, hair stroke brows, ombré or powder brows, eyelash enhancement (natural and Latino), full lip blush, dark lip neutralisation and tattoo removal– she is also qualified in plasma aesthetics, micro-needling, mesotherapy, chemical skin peels, and the administration of well-being injections.


Michelle believes in continuous education and that as technicians within the industry, we are always learning. She has made it her mission to be trained by the leading practitioners in her field including Paula McDonald of Dermica Beauty, Bare Face Beauty, BeauMed Healthcare, Elite Aesthetics plus masterclass training with Boss Brows, Courtney Stevens, Cheryl Booth, Stefanie Toms, and Emily Ponte PMU.


In 2006, Michelle began her love affair with permanent makeup when she had her first set of eyebrows and ever since has been an avid advocate of the profession – wanting women and men alike to benefit from the amazing transformations that can be achieved.

michelle louise permenant makeup artist